Natural Lash Extensions


lid-lavishly-transparent-logoLid Lavishly Offers Beautiful Semi-Permanent Mink or Silk Natural Lash Extensions!

Natural  Lash extensions eliminate the need for mascara because they create the illusion of make up…while giving your eyes the right amount of “pop” without them appearing overly dramatic. The fibers are so soft and light in weight, that you feel as though you are wearing nothing at all…making them perfect for daily wear!

Lash extensions are available in various lengths, curls and diameters…for those who want a subtle change or for those who may want a dramatic change. They typically last a full lash cycle…6 to 8 weeks.

Lid Lavishly offers Classic, Volume and Hybrid sets. A Classic set is when only one extension is glued to each natural lash. It adds length and thickness and is great for people who already have a fair amount of lashes. Volume lashes are a technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture. Hybrid sets are a combination of classic and volume lashes…this technique is a good option for those who may have scarce lashes.

Lash-FactsLash Fills are very important! Natural lashes shed daily. Therefore, if wearing lash extensions, they will shed as well. Lash fills are typically needed within 2 to 3 weeks after an initial lash extension application. How often a fill is needed is relative to the client. Those who have many natural lashes, may not need a fill in as soon as those who have fewer natural lashes. Not to mention, there are many other factors that result in lash extension shedding (see left). Nonetheless, to keep your extensions looking full and fabulous…a fill in is crucial!

Lash Extension services are offered at:

Cherry Bamboo Salon, 4015 Forest Drive, Suite 100, Columbia, SC 29204…by yours truly! 🙂  Quanita McFarlan *Certified Lash Technician*

For inquiries or to set up a consultation please contact me at Looking forward to “Lashing You”! 🙂

Here are some of our satisfied “Lash-ionistas”!


Beautiful Cat Eye! Classic Set of Mink Extensions



Classic Set of Mink Extensions