Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

So, let’s get down to the “nitty gritty” ladies…let’s talk about undies!  I like to think of undies as the essential that’s not viewed by most as “essential”. 🙂 The fact is, your underwear are the foundation to every outfit! Most women don’t put much consideration into what goes underneath their clothing…when in fact, once we determine what we are wearing, proper underwear should be the very next thought. Undergarments can make or break an outfit… If the groundwork is not properly laid…so to speak, then the finished product will not look it’s best! 😉

I have taken the time to create this fundamental guide for the most crucial component of any closet…a well-stocked underwear drawer. Stocking your underwear drawer with properly fitting and versatile undergarments will breathe life into your wardrobe. Just as equally important as wardrobe essentials, the right lingerie essentials can go a long way! Let’s discuss the essential undergarments every woman should own…

Essential Bras Every Woman Should Own

As a woman, the need for a bra is a no brainer…regardless of the size of your boobs. I would venture to say a bra is the most important underwear essential. Contingent upon the top, blouse or dress we are wearing, the type of bra makes all the difference.

A T-Shirt Bra is perhaps the most important essential bra of them all. The cups are full, smooth and seamless. They are perfect for obviously t-shirts, blouses and light weight sweaters. It should be very comfortable and versatile. Be sure to stock up on nude and black shades!   





A Convertible Bra is probably the second most important essential bra. It is called a convertible bra because it can be configured in many ways to accommodate every situation. The straps have hooks and conveniently come off so that you can re-attach them to create a halter, cross-body, racer back, one shoulder, etc….or completely remove them to create a strapless bra. I personally love convertible bras. It is a great option for traveling because it preserves space and covers all of your bra needs!

Strapless-BraEven though convertible bras give you a strapless bra option, depending on the strap width and the overall design, it may not offer the best support in this option. Contingent upon your cup size, it is advisable to keep a sturdy strapless bra on hand. A strapless bra can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. Fit is key! The ideal strapless bra has a wide back strap for optimal support and a no-slip fit.

Plunge-BraU-Plunge-BraA Plunge Bra is a great option for v-neck tops. Keep at least one handy to avoid your undergarment being seen through a low-cut top.

*The first photo is an example of a traditional plunge bra. The second photo is an example of a U Plunge bra, for those seriously plunging necklines!

*Bra Care Tip* To get longevity out of your bras, either hand wash or machine wash (if your washing machine does not have an agitator) them on a delicate cycle and hang them to dry. Be sure to re-adjust your straps after washes to keep the fit consistent.

Essential Underwear Every Woman Should Own

The over all fit of underwear, undies, panties… whatever you want to call them is crucial! Not only do they affect the external look of the lower half of your outfit, if they have the “wrong” fit, they will affect your entire mood! If never a time before, this is the time to lend a ear. If you have any undies that are cutting your buttocks, cutting off your circulation or not “staying put” throughout the day…throw them away! Today there are countless panty options. However, there are essential panty options that we all need in our lingerie drawers.

No Show Underwear are crucial to every woman’s panty repertoire. The first of these options includes thong underwear, for those outfits in which you don’t want any lines showing.  When considering thongs, look for seamless options, as they offer more comfort and you won’t feel the need to “pull” all day. Boy shorts and seamless briefs are another no show undie option that offers full coverage, but no lines.

Seamless Thongs

Seamless-Briefs     Boy-Shorts

*The above images are an example of seamless thongs, seamless briefs and seamless boy shorts.

BriefsBriefs are a great everyday essential that offer comfort and more coverage. They can be worn under loose fitting or flowy garments.

Bikini UnderwearBikini underwear have a higher cut on the thighs and buttocks than briefs. They are great for wearing with jeans and everyday wear.

*Underwear Care Tip* Wash your underwear on the delicate cycle in lingerie bags to preserve their longevity. Once the elastic has weakened, throw them away and replace them.

Essential Shapewear Every Woman Should Own

There is, I believe, a misconception about shapewear. A lot of women believe shapewear is designed for overweight or obese women. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Shapewear is a must for every lingerie drawer. There are times when fabrics on certain garments are not as forgiving as we thought, or we may be a little more bloated on a given day, than the previous day or we simply have more bulges than needed in a specific outfit. Whatever the case, the right shapewear can typically solve these dilemmas with ease…and there is no shame in relying on your shapewear! In fact, it would be more shameful to show humps and bumps, than to just smooth it out. 🙂

Shapewear comes in various designs specific to whatever problem area you need to make a lot less obvious. They are perfect for smoothing out your silhouette and giving you a boost of confidence when wearing your favorite dress. Nonetheless, there are essential shapewear styles that every woman should own…

Empetua-All-Day-Every-Day-High-Waisted-Shaper-Shorts Allow me to introduce to some and present to others (drum roll)…The Empetua All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts by Shapermint! I can “personally” vouch for the “Every Day” aspect of these shorts! They are light, breathable and as advertised, move with you, not against you…tummy to thigh smoothing comfort!  The lines are seamless and the waist band magically stays up all day due to Wonderful Edge silicone lining! Truly that best kept secret that enhances the look of any outfit. Perfect for wearing under form-fitting dresses, pencil skirts and fitted pants/jeans. Visit Shapermint!

The TC Back Magic Thigh Slimmer Torsette by Shapermint, is the extra firm control all-in-one bodysuit that TC-Back-Magic-Thigh-Slimmer-Torsetteprovides coverage literally from your bust down to your knees! Perfect for smoothing out all of the trouble spots and great for tackling “back fat” and “love handles”. Encourages better posture with Back Magic technology.  Also features built in flexible boning that contours the waist. Ladies, you need one in your life! 😀

*Shapewear Care Tip* Proper storage and care of your shapewear will ensure longevity. Shapewear without boning can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle. If there is boning, hand wash only. Always hang to dry. Placing shapewear in a dryer can weaken the elastic. When storing, be careful not to bend the structural boning. Roll it carefully, keeping the boning flat before placing in a drawer.

Essential Camisoles Every Woman Should Own

Camisoles or camis are a timeless essential for layering all year round. In the warmer months, they can serve as a part of an ensemble or as a base layer for more sheer tops to maintain a classy appearance. In winter months, they are great for layering under blouses, tops or sweaters for added warmth. White, nude, navy and black classic camis are the perfect base layer for those tops that are more sheer.

A Classic Nude Cami is a timeless color we all need. It offers extra coverage under blouses and button-down shirts. Nude, however is relative to each of us. Wearing a nude cami close to your complexion will keep it barely noticeable.

A Classic White and/or black cami can serve as a great layering piece beneath a blouse of either color. It can add a few inches to a blouse with a plunging neckline, without sacrificing the look.


Navy-Cami      White CamiBlack Cami

*The above camis are the basic colors to keep on hand…nude, navy, white and black


Incorporating a few Lace Cami’s adds versatility to your undergarments. Lace Cami’s take a traditional cami up a few notches. They can be paired with a blazer, jeans and pumps for a chic evening look 😉

*Camisole Care Tip* Camisoles come in various fabrics. Check the care label on them before tossing them in the washing machine

Essential Slips Every Woman Should Own

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe slips are essential…and always will be! There are simply times where a good ole fashioned slip is warranted. Like on a beautiful summer day when you put on that lovely white chiffon maxi dress and walk out the door for your spouse to say “I can see right through your dress”. They are a must for emergency times like this. For that reason, I own several of them. So, which slips should you keep on hand?

A Black and Nude Half Slip is great to keep handy for obviously skirts with see through fabrics. I would suggest having a short, a mid-length and a maxi length half slip. That way, all of your skirt and or dress lengths are covered.

Black-short-half-slip           Black-midi-half-slip    Maxi-half-slip

*The above images are half slips in short, midi and maxi length.

Nude-Full-Slip  Black-Full-SlipA Black and Nude Full Slip is also a great idea to keep on hand as well…for those medium to full length peek-a-boo dresses!

*Slip Care Tip* Hand wash your slips and hang them to dry. Slips are typically delicate, therefore, machine washing can ruin them over time.

Essential Tights Every Woman Should Own

A lot of women feel that tights are old fashioned. Well, call me old fashioned again! Like slips, I believe tights are essential! Tights, when done right, are a great accessory to compliment dresses, skirts and tailored shorts.

Black-Opaque-TightsOpaque Tights come in various beautiful colors and I embrace them all! 😀 However, a staple color is obviously black. Not only are they a nice accompaniment to knee length and midi skirts and dresses…they are your BFF in freezing temperatures! They are undoubtedly great with knee high or ankle boots, especially during the cooler months when you want to keep your favorite skirts or dresses in rotation.

Black Sheer Tights are a classic addition to most looks. However, they can give a dress andBlack-sheer-tights heels combo a little more “umph”! They also effortlessly transition an office look to dinner date look. 😉

Patterned-Tights-OutfitPatterned Tights are my personal favorites! They are a fun essential. I own numerous pairs in an array of patterns. They can really take a simple dress or ensemble to another level. Being that they add a great deal of visual interest to an outfit, additional accessories should be minimal…like for instance, a simple pump or boots.


*Tights Care Tip* Tights are fragile…therefore, gently hand wash and hang them to dry.

Essential Socks Every Woman Should Own

It may seem unnecessary to some, but there are essential socks that can improve our level of comfort in our shoes each day. A lot of woman believe going “sock-less” is the trend. I personally prefer to have some type of foot covering in most of my closed toe flat shoes…even if it is minimal.

Boot-socksWhen wearing boots, invest in some cozy, fluffy thick boot socks that are intended for wearing with boots. Your boots will be way more comfortable and your feet will thank you. Boot socks prevent your ankles from chafing and your toes from sliding.

When wearing ballet flats or low cut shoes or loafers, include liner socks that just cover your toes and heels. Liner Liner-Sockssocks prevent foot perspiration, thus keeping your shoes fresh and the shoe liners, over time, adhered to your shoes.

No-Show-SocksFor tennis shoes and ankle boots, ankle socks are a must. While preventing foot perspiration, they provide much comfort and give the illusion of going barefoot.

*Sock Care Tip* Most socks can typically be machine washed and dried. However, check the washing instructions for liner socks with feature grips on the ankles. They may be required to be hung to dry.

Invest In Yourself

That’s all for now ladies! What some consider undergarment essentials is relative. However, do yourself a favor and invest in yourself. After all, you’re worth it! We deserve to look our absolute best each day. Everyday we have the opportunity to express ourselves and display our personalities through fashion! So let’s do it the right way. Take the time to properly lay the foundation and have those undergarments work for you! Until next time…Stay Fabulous! 😉


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